Thursday, April 2, 2009

This guy got his mission call.... Why not me?

In case you haven't talked to me lately, (which most of you who read this blog do, so I don't really know why I feel compelled to keep a blog) I'm a bit anxious about my mission call that is supposedly coming in the mail some time in the not too distant future. I didn't think I would be so worried about it, I figured I'd get in the papers and then just leave it all up to the Lord and not worry about it anymore. But apparently I'm not faithful enough to turn over my life for 18 months and not worry about where or when I will be going.

So... My mission call may be in my mailbox and my roommates lost the key and tonight I got really desperate. After ransacking my apartment looking for the lost mail key, my good friend Steve and I decided to try our hands at lock picking. We found a helpful website where it is all mapped out. The only tools it required were crochet hooks, which I just happen to have laying around the house (thank you mom for teaching me to love crafts, apparently it's paying off). Anyway we went out in the pouring rain to attempt what may be a federal crime, I'm not really sure, I mean after all it is my mailbox and my mission call, it's not like I'm steeling my neighbors paycheck or anything. Two demolished crochet hooks and a drenched umbrella later, the only thing we had managed to do is possibly damage the lock so that no one on my block will be getting mail anytime soon. I guess we can just jot this down as another in the long list of Martha's stupid ideas, including the time I tried to run away with a suit case that contained nothing but my Barbie Fold 'n Fun House…. I built. (

Well, ta ta for now, Happy Holidays (apparently it's national student employees' week, according to Steve's professor's wife) and may your mail be infinitely easier to retrieve than mine.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brides to be... or not to be?

Okay, so Mary tagged me to do this and I just thought it sounded like a fun idea. Anyway, this is the 6th picture from the 6th folder in my My Pictures folder. This is from my freshman year of college, my roomates and I had gone on a trip to DI to find some wicked awesome decorations for our living room/kitchen. When we went by a rack of very stylish wedding dresses we just couldn't resist. I'm the one on the far right and on the far left is one of my bestest best friends Emily. In the middle is our roommate Devee, I wonder whatever happened to her. Anyway it was a fun bonding experience, and it was so great to find my wedding dress so far ahead of time, and at such a great price too.---- Thanks for the tag Mary.